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Light and non-greasy cream-gel, for men and women, instantly relieves swollen feet and tired legs. Dermatologically tested Non-greasy cream-gel allows an optimal application without leaving the skin feeling oily. 3.58 oz. Made in Switzerland.


  • Unique formula delivers multi-action benefits
  • Essential Peppermint Menthol oil provides stimulation, toning, antiseptic, and healing effects
  • Essential Cypress oil decongests veins, encouraging circulation and draining action
  • HydraProtect Complex provides immediate and ongoing hydration with a protective filmogenic effect that is strengthened by a "water capturing” action
  • Cyclo-Menthol complex ensures a long lasting, refreshing effect
  • Its alcohol-free composition, its non-drying moisturizing effect and the long-lasting refreshing sensation it provides
  • Ideal for relieving legs and feet before, during and after a long-haul flight

Leg n' foot-xt 100 ml

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